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Wonder walking in Britain

Last week one of my favourite bloggers, Roughwighting, wrote about adding an eighth day to the week: Wonder Day.

Eight Days a Week

Her Wonder Day would not be for work, worry, doing or wanting. It would be for walking, dancing, holding hands, contemplating and enjoying the sweetness of life. 

This week I’m wonder walking in London, England. As I walk and bump up against history on every block, I wonder and learn. As I meet new people, fall into the magic of West End theatre productions and expand my knowledge of British ales, I appreciate how “wonder” full the city is.

If a full Wonder Day is out of reach, even a Wonder Moment pivots a day from ordinary to holy. 

What in your environment right now makes you wonder about it?

What in your environment right now make you think, How wonder-full?

Enjoy an ordinary, holy Wonder Moment. 

Street Sign for Amen Corner Leading to Amen Court



Mama Mia!: Open to the unexpected gifts of the universe

New York - Mama Mia

New York – Mama Mia (Photo credit: PeterJBellis)

The musical Mama Mia! was in its gestation period 14 years ago when my husband and I spent a week in London, England on an anniversary trip. We landed there when the show was still in previews. We bought cheap, last-minute tickets on the aisle, row W.

We took our seats, and the house lights dimmed. After the curtain rose, two people slipped into the seats across the aisle from us. We didn’t pay them any attention. As the show progressed though, we noticed that when the audience reacted (positively or negatively) to something on stage, the two men scribbled furiously on notepads. We took a closer look and realized we were sitting directly across from Benny and Bjorn of ABBA. taking notes on how to make their show better before opening night.

An unexpected gift of the universe.

A few years ago, our family joined another family at a Toronto Blue Jays game. We bought tickets to ordinary seats and then joined a line-up to buy pizza and drinks before we sat down. As we stood waiting, a Rogers Centre staff member approached and asked if we would like to sit in the TD Comfort Zone. Sign us up! At that time, the big, cushy green chairs sat in the first row along the first base line, so we took our seats hollering distance from the legendary Bobby Abreu, playing first base, and José Bautista in right field.

An unexpected gift of the universe.

Those are just two of the moments in my life when the universe cracked open and delivered up more than I expected. I ponder sometimes, what led to those moments? Was I doing something to help bring them about? I don’t know for sure, but I do know that in both cases I was in a “ready for anything” kind of mood. Mama Mia! hadn’t opened anywhere yet and hadn’t been reviewed. We didn’t know what to expect. It could have been corny and horrible, or brilliant. (Let’s face it—with ABBA it could go either way.) We were ready for anything. The Blue Jays that day faced the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. The Angels line-up overflowed with big hitters with high batting averages. The game could have been a disaster for the Jays, or brilliant. We were ready for anything. “Bring it on!” we said, and the universe delivered.

I wonder what today will bring? Bring it on!

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