Sidelined: Released by my word

Many people choose a word for the year. Did you?

Or did a word choose you?

In the early days of 2019, I thought “potential” might be mine. But the minister at my church proposed the idea that, in the same way that wands choose the wizards in the Harry Potter series, a word chooses the person.

At our Epiphany service in early January, we received (distributed at random) a star word. The word Release chose me.

A yellow star with the word Release

Since then I have turned to that word far more often than “potential.” I have found peace in releasing the need to control everything, releasing plans when circumstances changed, and releasing joy too.

The last few days I’ve had to release my need to go to work. I’ve been sidelined by a flu that has left me tired and feverish and achey. I’m not a person who misses work willingly, so I’ve waged a mental battle with myself every time.

“I should go. I have deadlines to meet and not a lot of days to meet them.”

“You’ll just infect everyone there, and they won’t thank you for that!”

“But they’re already missing staff. If I don’t go, they’ll fall really behind.”

“You’re not indispensable, you know. The world keeps spinning without you.

Release . . . release . . . release . . .

My word chose well.

15 thoughts on “Sidelined: Released by my word

  1. poetrytoinspire

    An interesting switch of words for you. When you release what isn’t working well, it leaves lots of room for potential success in other areas.

    I chose ‘healing’ but a friend suggested a better word for my year is ‘healed’

  2. Yeah, Another Blogger

    Right, sometimes we get so caught up in things, we become wedded to them in maybe a slightly (or more than slightly) unhealthy way. It’s good to step back, letting some of the pressure slip away.

    Neil Scheinin

  3. Linda Chamley Johnson

    Inspiring post. After reading a Melinda Gates post I took my time letting the proper word flow into me. Mundane is my word. I’ve been working on a post to explain how the word has brought me so much. I’m going to enjoy all you have to offer!

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