Wonder walking in Britain

Last week one of my favourite bloggers, Roughwighting, wrote about adding an eighth day to the week: Wonder Day.

Eight Days a Week

Her Wonder Day would not be for work, worry, doing or wanting. It would be for walking, dancing, holding hands, contemplating and enjoying the sweetness of life. 

This week I’m wonder walking in London, England. As I walk and bump up against history on every block, I wonder and learn. As I meet new people, fall into the magic of West End theatre productions and expand my knowledge of British ales, I appreciate how “wonder” full the city is.

If a full Wonder Day is out of reach, even a Wonder Moment pivots a day from ordinary to holy. 

What in your environment right now makes you wonder about it?

What in your environment right now make you think, How wonder-full?

Enjoy an ordinary, holy Wonder Moment. 

Street Sign for Amen Corner Leading to Amen Court



6 thoughts on “Wonder walking in Britain

  1. Karen Halchuk

    So glad that you are discovering the wonder around you. Even the picture of Amen Corner shows how it can be EC4 (easy for) us when we are open to it.

  2. poetrytoinspire

    We do live in a wonder-filled world. There is history (of all ages), beauty and magnificence all around us all the time. Our job is to acknowledge it with gratitude and not take it for granted. Happy travels Arlene

  3. roughwighting

    Well, finding and reading this post has just filled me with wonder and given me wonderful feelings! I feel ecstatic that my post inspired you a bit. I love London and hope I can visit that amazing city again soon sometime. 💗


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