Beauty breaking free

A brilliant red flower blossom grows through a crack in a fence

Beauty breaking free © 2018 Arlene Smith

This colourful flower bursting out from between its constricting fence border captured my eye. 

To me, the brilliant red blossom represents . . .

. . . beauty that wants to be shared and appreciated and not hidden away . . .

. . . natural gifts that should never be wasted . . .

. . . bright optimism in grey times . . .

What does the picture bring to your mind?


About Arlene Somerton Smith

Writer, laughing thinker, miner of inspirational insights, sports fan, and community volunteer

Posted on August 28, 2018, in Art, Inspiration, spirituality. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. In the end, the good will have the final victory.

  2. Phyllis Bohonis

    I see a beautiful young maiden trying to escape the angry green monsters hidden in the darkness. They gave her life and think they own her. She wants her freedom from their clutches.

  3. The magnificent hidden beauty that must be on the other side of the fence.

  4. When it is the natural time to bloom, nothing can stop us

  5. Tenacity, and believing in yourself. I like the way you see things, Arlene!

  6. It looks like nature’s corsage to me. 🙂

    When I see plants growing through concrete, I always think about the trait of persistence.

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