Bunnies beat dragons

This past weekend the streets of downtown Ottawa, Canada overflowed with hundreds of thousands of people thronging to see La Machine.

The “travelling urban theatre” made its North America debut in my hometown as part of our ongoing Canada 150 celebrations. A gigantic mechanical dragon and spider wandered through the streets and public parks for a show entitled “The Spirit of the Dragon-Horse, With Stolen Wings.” The creatures lived, breathed (sort of) snorted and farted (really), and walked among the people of Ottawa 24 hours a day for four days as they pursued their quests. My social media feeds and the Ottawa news channels were full of pictures and videos of these feats of engineering at play in our city. The dragon and the spider were a huge hit.

As cool as that all sounded, as unique and interesting as it seemed, I could not summon the interest in going to see it for myself.

Cottages called to me. I spent the weekend in peaceful surroundings. Sun, water, relaxation. I couldn’t bear the thought of those crowds.

Last week, before the dragon and the spider descended on my city and before the hundreds of thousands of people flocked to see them, I went for a walk downtown. At the heart of Ottawa, a few hundred feet from Parliament Hill, I encountered these baby bunnies. They were small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. By myself I spent some quiet moments with the bunnies.

For me, quiet moments with those bunnies beat noisy dragon time.


9 thoughts on “Bunnies beat dragons

  1. Jennifer

    Glad you had a nice, peaceful weekend at the cottage recharging, Arlene. Normally I would agree with you about being put off by the crowds but I did go to see La Machine and have to say that the crowds made it really fun. We were on the lawn of the Supreme Court enjoying the shade, the breeze and our “neighbours”. Everyone was in a festive mood, the energy was good and the spider and dragon-horse didn’t disappoint. I came away from the event reminding myself that I can miss out on a lot of good stuff being deterred by “the crowds”.

    1. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

      I give myself credit for participating in lots of the other crowd-y events – New Year’s Eve on the Parliament Hill, Canada Day downtown – maybe that’s why I was less inclined this time. Everyone who saw it says it was fantastic, so I guess it’s a win-win.

  2. DonW

    I share Arlene’s sentiments. I’m a technology geek and was admittedly initially intrigued but I prefer natural beauty to any form of aggression/violence, no matter how playful or entertainment oriented.

    I showed my 9 year old a brief video clip of the event so he doesn’t feel I hid something from him. He didn’t show any interest beyond being surpized so I dropped it.

  3. roughwighting

    Personally, I’d much rather spend quiet moments with sweet bunnies than in a crowd of thousands with a farting dragon. ;–0
    What an amazing thing – never heard of La Machine. Like you, I’ll take the drama of nature instead.


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