Lopsided and discombobulated

I made the decision. I took the first step. An unforeseen event blindsided me.

Now I’m feeling lopsided and discombobulated.

The decision: Lens exchange eye surgery to improve my vision.

The first step: The operation on my right eye. (They do the left eye next week.)

The unforeseen event: The sudden death of the woman who was the child and youth minister at our church. Sarah was 34 years old, the mother of two young boys.

I am typing this with one eye closed as I deal with the day-to-day of lopsided vision. I’m typing this with eulogies from Sarah’s heartbroken father and husband running in a discombobulated jumble through my mind. I’m typing this feeling like I can’t see clearly and I can’t pin down the best words.

But then, I remember a theme that ran through the reflections on Sarah’s life:

Everyone does what they can.

Maybe writing about feeling lopsided and discombobulated will help someone. I hope so, because for today it’s what I can do.

A post that a friend of Sarah's shared with her on her Facebook page.

A post that a friend of Sarah’s shared with her on her Facebook page.






9 thoughts on “Lopsided and discombobulated

  1. Karen Halchuk

    Dear Arlene,
    I am so sorry for the sudden loss of Sarah. I will keep you both in my prayers today. Life often throws many challenges at me too. Be kind to yourself. Breathe.

  2. anne boswall

    Dear Arlene
    Sarah: so young and so much still to live but listening on Sunday I was thinking how very much she packed in to such a short life. And we were so lucky to be a very small part. Hugs! anne

  3. New Earth Paradigm

    Sending healing love to your eye and your heart.

    My husband reports that he feels like the whole world is reeling — that he is swaying every time he takes a step. It’s become his new normal. We learned of three deaths during the first four days of 2017. We were not close to the people who died but were very close to the ones who “lost” them. I think that many are feeling lopsided, discombobulated, blind sided and off balance.

    These are oceanic times we are in right now and we’re all in the same boat. Be well, Dear One, Alia


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