And they say Ottawa is no fun: Some capital whimsy

I hear different opinions about my home city of Ottawa, Canada. 

Green space, natural environment and waterfront access usually make the list.

Galleries, national museums, and historic buildings rate a mention too.

Since Ottawa is the capital of Canada, Canadians from other parts of the country often (mistakenly) confuse the federal government with the municipality. I don’t know why, but it seems that the people who do so are the ones that hold a negative view of the actions of parliament, so the name of my beautiful home city sometimes elicits strong negative reactions from people who don’t know better.

But most often we residents hear about Ottawa’s lack of party life. “Ottawa, where the streets roll up at 9:00,” we hear, or “Ottawa, where fun goes to die.”

I think the people who say so aren’t trying hard enough. Elgin Street and the Byward Market provided enough entertainment for me when I was looking for such things, and our culinary masters make international headlines, so gourmet food is accessible, if that’s your thing.

And we do have a sense of humour. Would a dour city have a sign like this one at a crosswalk on the Sparks Street Mall?

The Canadian federal government doesn’t have a Ministry of Silly Walks, but Sparks Street does. 




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