Backwards Brains: Wait for the click

A few years ago I ordered my first pair of progressive lenses. Before progressives I wore contact lenses and used reading glasses for closer work.

I drove my family crazy the first week with those progressive lenses. “I don’t know about my new glasses,” I muttered, over and over. It seemed I had to move my head too much. It seemed the reading portion of the lenses was too narrow. I fretted and worried that I had wasted a lot of money on glasses that weren’t going to work for me.

And then one day, my brain clicked. My brain figured out how to work with those glasses, and it seemed to do it instantly. One minute everything felt all wrong, and the next I was saying, “These glasses are GREAT! No matter where I look, I can see!”

I remembered that experience when I watched this video. It’s a reminder to me that sometimes we have to keep working at something that feels wrong or difficult so that we can give our brains time to figure it out.

Then, click!

3 thoughts on “Backwards Brains: Wait for the click

  1. Sharyn Heagle

    That was weird. Fascinating. Enlightening.

    I bought progressives on a break from teaching in Japan. Had to have them replaced on my next break.

    Every train station in Japan required either an upstairs or downstairs climb to catch a train. With the progressives I couldn’t see the stairs even after three months. Had to hold the railing for dear life.

    Figured I’d better replace them before I fell and killed myself. Guess I have an untrainable brain.

  2. David Walters

    Thanks for posting the backwards bike video. My son was telling me about that bike just last night, then I read your post and voila, there it was! Wow, I would like to try the bike, I am sure I couldn’t ride it either, but I would like to try. Love your posts. David 🙂


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