A moment for Dieppe

On a recent trip to the Windsor, Ontario, we spent some pleasant hours strolling along the riverfront, home of the Windsor Sculpture Park. The city (where I spent my university years) is to be commended for the vibrant, people-friendly, creative and ecologically sensitive way they updated their waterfront.

We paused for a particularly long time to appreciate this monument.


Designed by a University of Windsor student, Rory O’Conner, the black granite and stainless steel monument is a replica of a monument on the beach at Dieppe. To commemorate the end of the raid of Dieppe, at 1:00 p.m. local time on August 19, the sun aligns with the maple leaf cut-out on the tower, shines through and illuminates the maple leaf on the base. The stones that form the base were collected from the beach at Dieppe.

Sure wish I could be in Windsor then to see it. May the sun shine on this moment for Dieppe.



3 thoughts on “A moment for Dieppe

  1. David Walters, Lethbridge Alberta

    That’s a nice monument. I would like to see it too. The sun shining through the maple leaf striking another on Aug 19th reminds me of what ancient stone workers did with solar calendars. In our modern industrial dollar store society we don’t seem to even think of that sort of thing.
    Thanks for the thoughtful post. It will cause me to look up today at the heavens. …. And I will share it with my sister-in-law who has a birthday on Aug 19th. 🙂


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