I am thinking about you

I found this beautiful poetic writing by Bishop Charleston on Healing Soul Streams.

You might wonder, “Of all the people she knows, how could she be thinking about me?”

The generic specificity of Bishop Charleston’s short piece takes me to that “All is One” place. There, I am thinking about you because we are one and the same, all seeking to discover our next miracle.


I am thinking about you, thinking about all the good that you have done in this life, all the people you have helped, all the kindness you have shown to others.

No, don’t shake your head.

I know you will want to argue that you are far from saintly and have much to regret, but counting your mistakes is not my job.

My calling is to celebrate the goodness within you, to honor you for who you are, to encourage you to keep going so you will discover the next miracle waiting for you around the corner of hope.

You go do what you do now. I will be thinking about you, thinking how wonderful you are.

—Bishop Charleston



4 thoughts on “I am thinking about you

  1. David Walters, Lethbridge Alberta

    “Generic specificity,” now that’s a clever phrase.

    That really is a nice piece by Bishop Charleston, I guess everyone likes to know that someone is thinking about them even though they might be embarrassed to admit it, but for the same reason I guess that is why its such a virtue to think of others more than yourself. Didn’t someone say that?

    Is that an original photo of a golden eagle? very nice. I like eagles.

    1. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

      Yes, it is an original photo, taken in Vermont. I didn’t know what kind of bird it was, but I like the idea of it being an eagle. They are awe-inspiring, and meaningful, birds.


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