Adult Eve

When I came downstairs this morning, I gave my son a hug and said, “This is this last morning I’ll get to give a child of mine a hug.” Tomorrow he turns 18, so my “children” will both be adults.

How the heck did that happen?

dock jump

The old saying, “The days go by like years, and the years go by like days” feels true to me today. Looking back, I remember some   re-e-e-a-a-l-l-y    lo-o-o-o-n-g   days of fevers or croup or endless building of Lego houses. Now, all those days stacked up one on top of another feel like a snap of the fingers. My youngest child was 20 inches long at birth, and he fit in the crook of my arm. Now he is 6′ 4″ and I fit under his arm.

On his Adult Eve, I celebrate the man that he is, even though I hold dear the baby, the toddler, the child, the teen he was.

He was the baby who would never accept a soother or a blanket for comfort; he wanted his mother or father. He was the toddler who climbed into our bed . . . every . . . single . . . night . . . for seven years. He was the child who skipped stones, who always drew an illustrated Christmas List, and who loved to play with BeyBlades and mini-hockey sticks.


He was the teen athlete who played every sport going, but especially baseball.


Bennett Smith RHP

On his Adult Eve, I know he feels himself all grown up and very independent. But I know better. In terms of numbers, he might be an adult, but he’ll always be a baby to me.

My son and I at a field named after one of my heroes.

My son and I at a field named after one of my heroes.


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  1. Wow….where did the time go. I remember Ben riding in the backpack carrier. Wish him Happy Birthday. BTW my youngest will be 31 in two weeks.

  2. Enjoy your young adult each and every day. We can’t turn all those years into days again – all we can do is enjoy each day and remember them as they turn into years.

    I recently hugged a grandmother. The woman was my daughter. Days before she had become a mother. Days before that she had been a young bride and mere days before that she had been a five-year-old attending her first dance recital.

    Where did the days go? “The days go by like years, and the years go by like days” So, so true.

  3. Lovely tribute to a son and his mom. Beautiful!

  4. That was truly lovely, Arlene. And a tiny bit heartbreaking too. I wish you both a smooth transition. 🙂

  5. Seems like the best moments in life are bittersweet. I’ll focus on the sweet.

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