Green winter

Fellow blogger, Edward Roads, posted a leafy green photo on his MyTwoSentences site this week.

You can see it here:

I live in Ottawa, Canada—a winter-white world at the moment—so his luscious, green, summery photo caught my attention, so different as it was from my current personal experience. Then I read the two sentences he wrote to accompany the photo:

A biting blast of wind, across an icy snow-laden park, forced the tightly bundled couple to take pause on a frozen metal bench.
The inclement surroundings were instantly subdued when direct eye contact confirmed the interosculation of their devoted hearts.

Biting blasts? Snow-laden icy parks? Frozen metal benches? 


The contrast between his words and his picture, and the compatibility of those words with my real icy world struck me. Then I took another look out my January window, and I noticed something: There is a surprising amount of green there.


I realized I seldom notice the green in winter, as busy as I am preoccupying myself with the white.

The whole thing made me feel warmer. A nice January gift for a day when my thermometer reads -17º C.

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