Things I don’t like that I’m supposed to like

I am away for a few days at the Canadian Authors Association CanWrite! conference. To give myself some time away to refill my creative well, I pre-scheduled a post with a lighter tone.


Things I don’t like that I’m supposed to like

Thick towels

I like the idea of thick towels. I like looking at thick towels. I even like holding a thick towel as a comfort. But when it comes to drying off after a bath or a swim, thick towels just don’t work as well. I know I’m supposed to like them, but I don’t.

Your cookies are safe from me.

Your cookies are safe with me.


I often decline dessert because I really don’t want it. I prefer salty or savoury foods to sweet. People don’t believe me though. They always say, “Well, aren’t you being good?” or “I wish I had your willpower.” I am not “being good” and it has nothing to do with willpower. I know I’m supposed to want to eat dessert first, but I don’t.

World Cup Soccer

I am a sports fan, and I’ve tried to love World Cup, but I can’t summon even a scintilla of interest in World Cup Soccer. The field is so big, the goal is so big, the back and forth is so constant, the goals so elusive and the officiating so plainly ridiculous. If Canada ever makes it, maybe I’ll try harder, but right now even though I’m supposed to go crazy about World Cup Soccer, I don’t.


Is there an activity more soul-sapping and patience-testing than shopping? Not for me. I feel my brain atrophy second by second as I stroll through the racks. The energy seeps from my body through the soles of my shoes and dissipates into the ether until I drag myself out of the mall. I know it’s supposed to be some feminine genetic trait to crave shopping, but I don’t.


I don’t require a soundtrack for every activity in my life. I like the sounds of reality, thank you. When I walk I think many interesting and amazing thoughts; my thoughts are darned entertaining. And when I meet people on the street, I hear when they speak to me because I don’t have buds in my ear. I respect other people’s desire to use them, and I know I’m supposed to want one, but I don’t.

What you see during most motorboat rides.

What you see during most motorboat rides.

Motorboat rides

My idea of a pleasant boat ride: The craft glides into the water with barely a ripple and calmly meanders along the shore line. I enjoy the view of the homes or cottages, I say “Hello, ducks!” to the waterfowl bobbing gently on the waves beside us, and I reach a hand over the side to touch the delicate white flower of a water lily.

What usually happens: The boat accelerates at such a rate that the back of the boat sinks and the nose juts straight up into the air. I clutch my hat before it flies away out of the back of the boat. I hang on to the side for dear life. The scenery passes in a blur as the boat whooomp, whooomp, whooomps its way across the waves. Ducks squawk and flap away in fright. We never get anywhere near a water lily.

I know I’m supposed to be excited when people say “Let’s go for a boat ride!” but I’m not.

Coach bags, or any designer handbag that costs way too much money for no good reason

Seriously? $500 for a handbag? No. No. No.

Just no.


This is a big disappointment to my husband, the car freak. Who doesn’t like convertibles, right? I don’t. Why you would want to ride anywhere in a vehicle with the thundering roar of wind and whipping strands of hair pelting the face? Convertibles are too cold on cold days and too hot on hot days. I know I am supposed to want to let my hair down in convertible style, but I don’t.

That’s my list (so far). How about you? What things do other people rave about but leave you cold?

14 thoughts on “Things I don’t like that I’m supposed to like

  1. Chris Humphrey

    The only supposed-to-be-desirable I could add to your list, Arlene, would be staying in bed late. Why miss the best part of the day? And I’m with you all the way on iPods, shopping, and motorboat rides. Especially iPods. We’ll have to agree to disagree on World Cup and desserts.

  2. Jennifer

    Marble countertops. I know I am supposed to pant at the sight of a marble countertop, and many are beautiful, but I can’t stop myself from thinking “You paid WHAT for that countertop!?!”. They just don’t do it for me.

    1. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

      I am with you there, Jennifer. For me it’s the lack of durability, and the need for care that’s the big concern. I’ve seen expensive granite countertops ruined by a single drop of the wrong kind of cleaner. That’s just not good! I’m waiting for manufacturers to come up with some more indestructible before I make any kitchen changes.

  3. Joanne

    As I was reading your list, I was thinking to myself “wow, I’m not the only one out there that doesn’t like stuff that I’m supposed to”. Fruity, umbrella topped cocktails don’t do it for me, although being a ‘girl’ I am supposed to like them. Give me a beer or a straight shot of tequila any day…..that’s the drink for me. I have to disagree with Jennifer though, I have marble countertops, however by doing my research and watching for deals, I was able to purchase my countertops for less than the cost of laminate countertops.

  4. poetrytoinspire

    Great list Arlene – no wonder I respect you so much. I have more trouble resisting desserts than you, but apart from that I totally agree.
    Sorry I’m not enjoying your company at CanWrite! this year.

  5. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

    Thanks, Jean, I miss you! The weather has been fantastic, the speakers inspiring, and I am really enjoying myself, but it would be better if you were here. As for desserts, yes I know, my companions in that group are small in number.

  6. peakperspective

    Well, now I don’t feel quite like the misfit I once thought I was. Our list is so similar. Apart from the dessert bit–although that’s changing as I grow older too. Savory is slowly winning out. I’m just glad I still have teeth to eat with, so I’ll likely not complain too much about what end of the spectrum my food falls on. It’s perspective, right? 🙂

  7. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

    I am so surprised by the number of people who agree with me on so many of these items (except dessert). I’m beginning to think we are all sucked into some mad conspiracy of misapprehension.

  8. Phyllis Bohonis

    I agree with you on most. I do love dessert and boat rides. Usually the driver (captain) is my husband who takes off slowly and allows the boat to plane and settle with little discomfort. We’ve been known to putt-putt along shore lines for hours slowly and quietly enough that ducks and loons aren’t startled and we can enjoy the scenery – sometimes with a fishing line out and sometimes just enjoying the ride.


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