The gabby pen: Father’s Day thoughts

Beautiful. Ed

Beautiful. Ed

My husband’s father had a friend who travelled often. He sent postcards from all over, always with succinct messages on the back. A postcard depicting a beautiful California sunset, for example, read something like, “Beautiful. Ed.” My father-in-law joked about Ed’s “gabby pen.” 

The modern-day equivalent could be teenager texts. 

We are parents of teenagers in this house, and that means that texts make up the largest portion of our communications. It works well most of the time, but the systems has some wrinkles. You see, teenagers don’t understand how parental minds work.

Let’s say I send a text to my children saying, “How is the party?” The answer more often than not is, “Good.”

To my teenagers that probably means nothing more than they are having a happy time laughing and talking with friends.

But parents have active imaginations. That is never the first thing we assume. We think that “Good” can mean anything from “Good. I haven’t heard any police sirens so far,” to “Good. These are the best drugs ever,” or even “Good. The strippers are about to arrive.”

It’s a sad fact that parents start to crave information at the time teenagers want to stop providing it. Peter Denahy knows what I mean. His video is a Father’s Day gift to parents who look forward to the day when conversations become a little less one-sided.

Sort Of Dunno Nothin’ – Peter Denahy

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