Four-leaf clover: What are the odds?

Yesterday my daughter and a friend took her dog for a walk. They strolled along a path beside the Ottawa River, and my daughter spotted a large patch of clover. Being a fun-loving and spontaneous type, she declared, “I’m going to look for a four-leaf clover!”

Her friend had doubts. She said, “Do you even know what the chances of that are?”

Undaunted, my daughter walked over, bent down and, without even having to search, held up a four-leaf clover. “I found one!” she said.


Life’s like that, right?

Sometimes we try, and struggle, and work to find something or to achieve a goal, but we don’t manage it. (Almost always someone nearby tells us not to waste our time because the odds stack high against us.)  And then sometimes good fortune shows up right in front of our noses when we haven’t even put forth any effort at all.

There’s no explaining it. All we can do is keep the faith that odds-defying fortune can find us, and be ready to celebrate when it does.

6 thoughts on “Four-leaf clover: What are the odds?

  1. Jodie

    Great story Arlene! I’ve only ever found one in my life, and it was in a similar manner, just poking around while waiting for the school bus one morning. Of course, no one told me how hard they were to find – I just thought it would be fun to find one 🙂

    I pressed it between 2 pieces of Saran Wrap, and later when I learned to drive kept it for many years tucked in with my license.

  2. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

    I’ve never met anyone else who has found one, so this is good to know. Maybe the secret is to try with an open mind, but not to try too hard. There’s a larger lesson there, too.


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