Bless that which you want

loveThis week I read about the ancient Polynesian wisdom of Ka Huna. The shamans of Hawaii use the power of words and mind to build self-esteem to heal the self, others and situations.

The wisdom says: Bless that which you want.

Too often we resent other people who have what we want, or we declare ourselves unworthy of receiving whatever it is we desire. But the shamans of Hawaii believe that causes harm and drives away the object of our desire.

When we bless something, the first thing we do is shove negativity out of the way. When we bless, we don’t leave any room for the knee-jerk reactions like “Oh sure, why does he gets to live in a big house when I’m stuck in a tiny apartment,” or “Those shoes would look so much better on me,” or “I don’t want to be a multi-millionaire. I don’t want to have to worry about handling all that money.” When we brush that kind of negativity out of our lives, we feel better. So by blessing the thing we want, the first thing we do is inadvertently bless ourselves.

Second, blessings expand positive, creative energy in a way that the other person can feel, so their day gets a little brighter. Best of all, they reflect that positive energy back to us, so we feel even better than we just did. Then two people who feel really good smile and bless other people, who smile and bless other people, and so on, and so on . . .. The positives grow and grow in an ever-expanding circle.

Blessings increase the good in our own lives, so make this your challenge today: Look around, notice the things you want and bless them. 


4 thoughts on “Bless that which you want

  1. Phyllis Bohonis

    I love the pictures that accompany this post, Arlene. The match the message – positive and serene. Thank you for the message,



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