8 vacation gratitudes

We returned from a week on beautiful Anna Maria Island, Florida—a wonderful place to practice gratitude. Here are the things for which I am grateful:

  • Pelicans – They might seem ordinary to Floridians, but I could watch these fascinating birds for hours.


  • I didn’t have to stay in this jail – When islanders built this jail in the late 1920s, it had bars in the windows, but no glass. Troublemakers thought twice about committing misdemeanors because they didn’t want to spend the night tormented by mosquitoes.


  • Cats don’t alarm you by moving too quickly.


  • Books on a beach.


  • A link to history – Babe Ruth’s daughter, Julia Ruth Stevens, was at Al Lang Stadium the day we went to watch the Canadian Junior Team play.


  • The best doughnuts ever – At Anna Maria Donuts, we watched the doughnut batter drop into the fryer. Perfect round cake doughnuts emerged seconds later. We chose our own icing and topping, and the staff hand-dipped each doughnut to order. Each bite of these personalized, oh-so-fresh doughnuts moved us one step closer to heaven.


  • Sunsets – Ocean + sun = spectacular sunsets.


  • Friends – They make everything better.


About Arlene Somerton Smith

Writer, laughing thinker, miner of inspirational insights, sports fan, and community volunteer

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