Build castles, don’t dig graves

McMaster UniversityFrom The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz: 

“Build castles, don’t dig graves.”

We sabotage our dreams—our castles—before we even allow ourselves to begin to build them. We want a career change, but we tell ourselves we’re too old. We want a new house, but we tell ourselves we could never afford it. We want to go back to school, but we tell ourselves that we’re not smart enough.

We have dreams, but we bury them in graves of self-doubt.

Most of the time the dreams that we deem impossible are actually very much possible—if we dare to begin to build. We can take on a new career in our middle-age and enjoy satisfying work for several decades. We can save just a little more and spend just a little less until the new house becomes a reality. We can take the first brave step to register for a course that really intrigues us and discover that it’s not so difficult after all.

Decide what castle you want to build and place a first brave stone. Then don’t heed the temptation to shovel dirt unto that dream.

Build castles, don’t dig graves.

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