Holy Crows: A little love for a much-maligned bird

Crows kept cropping up in my life this week—one of those weird coincidences. The thing is, all the stories or events were negative, but I really admire these stalwart birds.

I wrote about crows for a past freelance assignment. Before that assignment, I gave crows little thought, but my research opened my eyes to their wonders. This Sir David Attenborough video from BBC Worldwide shows crows learning how to use crosswalks. (Better than some humans I know.)

You had better be nice to crows. They remember human faces—for years—and if people treat them ill, the crows harass them, as researchers in Seattle discovered. (This article from The Guardian contains many charming uses of the word “whilst.” Now, does that not make you want to read it? American crows: the ultimate angry birds?)

Crows are intelligent, adaptable, innovative, watchful and really quite beautiful. They have striking black feathers with a sheen of blue or purple. Go back to the early slow-motion scene in the Attenborough video and watch the graceful swoop. No less beautiful than an eagle or a hawk, I think.

In mythology (Greek, Roman, Chinese, Biblical, and First Nations) crows represent creation and magic. Ted Andrews says: “Wherever crows are, there is magic. They are symbols of creation and spiritual strength. They remind us to look for opportunities to create and manifest the magic of life.”

Today is garbage day in my neighbourhood. Crows swoop along my street manifesting breakfast for themselves from our leftovers.

I choose to see it as magical.

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