What will you do today with your precious gift of freedom?

soul-eyesWill you voice a political opinion without fear of death or imprisonment?

Will you marry or propose to someone you love, no matter if the person is a he or she?

Or walk down streets that have no armed gunmen?

Will you read an uncensored newspaper or browse an unfettered internet. Will you decide for yourself what to think about what you read?

Will you study in or drive by a school that offers education for all, male and female?

Or place money you trust not to be counterfeit in a financial institution you trust not to fail?

Will you pray to a God of your choosing? Or not pray, because you don’t believe or don’t know what to believe?

Will you eat and drink what pleases you, no matter what someone else thinks?

Or wear whatever clothing you want?

Such are the gifts of this country. Basic human rights

Look around and appreciate the many precious gifts we so often take for granted.

Recognize them. Cherish them. Protect them. And celebrate them.

Let the thanks you felt yesterday for the people who fought for such gifts linger over into today, and every day this coming year.


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