Eagles and condors

A prophecy from the South American First Nations peoples, as shared by Lynne Twist in The Soul of Money:

At the beginning of time, earth’s people separated from oneness into two distinct groups: the intellectual and scientific people of the Eagle, and the intuitive people of the Condor.

The people of the Eagle would follow the path of the intellect. They would develop cognitive and technological abilities at a high level. They would discover and build, expand their knowledge and amass wealth.

The people of the Condor, meanwhile, would tap into ancient wisdom, connect with spirits and animals, and vibrate with the rhythm of the natural world.

Each group would grow strong in their distinct realms—so strong that they would eventually feel out of balance. The knowledgeable, wealthy people of the Eagle would suffer spiritual impoverishment. The spiritually in-tune people of the Condor would lose the ability to navigate the material world. Each group would not be able to survive without the other.

At the time of the Fifth Pachakuti (cycle of 500 years) (right now), the people of the Eagle and the people of the Condor will rejoin. The people of the Condor will feed the impoverished spirits of the Eagles. The people of the Eagles will ground the Condors in knowledge.

Can you feel it happening? I can.

I feel the science, and I feel the story.


shaman (Photo credit: paloetic)

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