I want to be Hermione

I wrote this piece in November, 2011 in response to Bruce Sanguin`s post on his If Darwin Prayed blog:  “I want to be Jason Bourne.”  Yep, almost two years later, I still want to be Hermione.


What woman in the media represents my ideals?

I love The Good Wife. Could I be Alicia Florrick? She’s smart, very good at her job, and ethical but willing to push the boundaries for the side of right. I like all of that. But there is the affair. My ideal woman would not do things she has to hide from her family. My ideal woman would not have to worry about what people will find on a search through her laptop. She just wasn’t quite right.

How about Penny from The Big Bang Theory? She’s beautiful, frank, and smarter than most people give her credit for. But an actress I am not, and I prefer if people don’t have to work so hard to figure out the brains behind the beauty.

Erin Brockovich? She’s smart and driven to pursue justice. But I’m just not comfortable with that much cleavage.

I ran through a long list of female role models that just didn’t feel right until I came to Hermione from Harry Potter. She’s the one:

  • Smart, and never tries to pretend otherwise
  • Beautiful, but not aware of it
  • Diligent worker
  • Good at what she does. The best. She saves Harry and Ron many times.
  • Relentless in her pursuit of the good
  • Brave in the face of danger
  • Loyal to her friends
  • Independent (Unlike Bella from that other horrible series, she doesn’t need a man to make her life complete.)

Hermione is what I would wish for the women of the world. Feminine, yes, but strong, smart, independent, right-seeking and capable.

Who do you want to be?

Strong women

Strong women (Photo credit: JPChamberland)

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