A Canada and U.S sibling freedom festival

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day!

fireworksWhen Canada played the U.S. in the gold medal hockey final at the 2010 Olympics, Canadians cheered themselves purple. We wanted to win, but more importantly, we really, really wanted to beat the Americans.

When planes hit the twin towers on September 11, Canadians pulled together to support Americans in every way we could.

We are like siblings.

Our louder, older, so-good-at-everything big brother to the south irritates us as only a sibling can. But when an outsider challenges him, we defend him like we would a blood brother.

It reminds me of a conversation I had with a cottage neighbour. This person has known my husband for his whole life, so he knows all the Smith family quirks. My husband has three brothers, (one has since died) and all four individuals are just that—individuals. It would be a challenge to find four more different personalities anywhere. During our conversation, this cottage neighbour said, “The four boys are very different, but they all have the same Smith-i-ness about them.” He was right. As different from each other as the four Smith boys are, there is an undeniable family undercurrent.

Canada and the U.S. are like that. 

We have a constitutional monarchy, and they are a republic. We have universal health care, and they have . . . whatever it is they have going on down there. We have gun control, and they have lots of guns. And yet we both have the same freedom-i-ness about us.

This weekend, on July 1 and July 4, we celebrate freedom.  Our countries took different paths toward that freedom, but there is an undeniable family undercurrent.

This weekend, enjoy your fireworks whenever and wherever they might be and drink a toast to our freedom-i-ness.

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