The “not-to-do” list

stanley-parkWhat kinds of things should go on your “not-to-do” list?

We spend so much time thinking about our “to-do” lists that we forget to think about the things we can choose not to do. The Writing Sisters reminded me of this in a post last August. When we choose not to do something, we free up time to do the things we love.

I, for example, could choose to:

  • not watch TV unless there is something informative or illuminatingly entertaining on
  • not waste time worrying over things I can’t control
  • not say “Yes” to every request for assistance or participation

A day lies before me, and I can choose to busy myself with activities that inspire me and my family and improve our lives, or I can fritter away my time with activities that inhibit that.

Among the choices now before you, how will you spend your day?    

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