Don’t rush Christmas

In late September, I dropped in to a local garden centre. A staff member was busy putting up a Christmas display. I looked at her in alarm and said, “Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!”

In September, people. September. It’s not acceptable.

A few weeks before November 11, a photo made its way around Facebook:

Do we really have to remind people to be respectful?

One of the local radio stations has gone all-Christmas, all the time. It’s too much, too early. Not to mention that, to fill the air time weeks and weeks before Christmas, they drag out every mundane, or just plain terrible, song ever written about Santa and Ho-ho-ho.

It’s November, people. Stop!

By the time Christmas rolls around, I am so tired of the false cheer, the terrible music, the relentlessness of it all, I find it hard to enjoy the season.

I have shields up, deflectors in place. I need to wait. I need more time.

Please allow me some peace.

10 thoughts on “Don’t rush Christmas

  1. wordsurfer

    Yes! Totally with you. I refuse to even touch any Christmas confectionery shoved under my nose before December 1st. And there will not even be a single star in the windows before that date, either. It is possible, after all, to have too much of a good-ish thing.

      1. wordsurfer

        The only thing that this rush does for me, is to remind me to think of Christmas presents, which in its turn usually makes me fall into a dejection because I’m not creative with presents…

      2. Arlene Somerton Smith Post author

        Well, that’s the other side of it, too. Christmas is a difficult time for a lot, a lot, of people. The sooner the craziness starts, the longer their season of emotional difficulty.

  2. Joanne

    I am so with you on this, Arlene. Driving back to Ottawa from Sudbury yesterday, as we approached Renfrew I retuned my radio back to Majic 100 only to be assaulted with Christmas music. It’s way too early, I remember when the Santa Claus parade didn’t even take place until the first weekend of December.

  3. emjayandthem

    You know, I really love Christmas music. But I love the stuff I LIKE not that junk they play through the speakers in the store. I love to listen to what I like, starting around 10 days before Christmas, but my ears have already been assaulted so much that I often … don’t want to.

    Radio Stations here started playing Christmas music on November 1st. If anything can make me feel Grinchy, that’s it.



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