The Buddha on anger

Last November I received an e-newsletter from Religion-Outside-the-Box. I liked the topic, but it didn’t fit into my blog themes then, so I tucked it away for a “rainy day.” Today, it is, in fact, pouring rain outside, and I’m in a post-loss-of-dog idea dry spell. So, Religion-Outside-the-Box, it is.

Here is Rabbi Brian’s story about the Buddha’s advice on anger:

A woman, whose son had left her to become a disciple, confronted the Buddha and showered him with great anger. She was a widow and her son had been her sole source of support. She poured out a great virulent wrath in the Buddha’s face.

The monks watching were shocked.
The Buddha said nothing to defend himself—after all, her son was taking active steps in the path towards the liberation—couldn’t she understand that?

When the woman left they asked why he listened, did nothing, but, seemingly, took the abuse.

The Buddha said two things:

1. She was suffering and we must show compassion for all who suffer
2. I did not have to accept her “gifts’.”

There’s a thought.  Don’t accept the gift.

People express their anger when they suffer and feel they can no longer bear it. We can, and should, feel compassion for their pain, but we don’t have to accept the gift of their anger.

Visit Rabbi Brian’s site and subscribe to his e-newsletter. Three times a month he’ll give you something to think about.

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