Because sometimes we just need a break

In recent weeks I have received several messages like this: “I am taking a technology break, so you won’t see any messages or posts from me for a while.”

I celebrate my friends and “Friends” who recognize the need to turn off, get back to the land and refill their soul wells.

Centuries ago, letter writers never had to say, “I’m taking a feather quill break, so you won’t receive any letters from me for a while.” Centuries ago, a person could break an arm and have it heal, spend some weeks visiting a sick aunt, another several weeks taking the air in the country without so much as looking at a quill pen, and still any lack of letter communications would go unnoticed. People centuries ago didn’t feel the same stress to always be in touch and to share every passing thought.

These days we need to declare our absences.

So let me declare mine: I’m taking a technology break. I have pre-scheduled messages containing some inspirational quotes to appear on Tuesdays and Fridays for the next couple of weeks. I hope they will inspire you while I turn off, return to the land and refill my soul well.

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