Higgs boson: The science and the story

I love watching scientists using stories to explain new breakthroughs.

This week’s cosmic news was the almost-certain discovery of the Higgs boson. Physicists have been searching for this for decades. They think they’ve found it, and now they must try to explain to people.

On Tuesday, my friend Susan Murphy at Suzemuse shared this video on her Twitter feed. It illustrates Higgs boson using barracudas and overweight men.

Giles Whittell of The Times uses the image of Angelina Jolie moving through a Hollywood party to make the concept clear.

The New York Times  described the discovery of the particle as being like “. . . Omar Sharif materializing out of the shimmering desert as a man on a camel in “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Scientists love facts and figures, proofs and evidence.

They shun imprecise artsy stuff. How delicious that they can’t function without it. Similes and metaphors abound. Why? Because life at its fullest involves facts and fun: the science and the story.

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