The Magic Number: Julia Cameron

Do you have a salary goal in mind? Do you think that if you could make that amount of money, all your problems would be solved?

Do you have an age in mind? Do you think that once you hit that age you will finally be able to do (or not do) something?

Julia Cameron wrote about the illusion of magic numbers on her blog this week.

We believe that once we reach a certain salary, or have saved a certain amount of money, all our troubles will disappear. When we reach that number though, it is not magic anymore. It seems to inadequate, and we come up with a new “magic” number. An endless cycle.

We are a number-obsessed society.

Magazine and newspapers obsess about subscriber numbers. We count the number of followers on Twitter and friends on Facebook. Sports organizations count everything: goals, shots, strikes, aces, errors, hits, penalty minutes, etc. Some sports statistics are so complex, they can’t understood by the average fan.

We use these numbers to create beliefs about success and failure. But if the “magic” numbers aren’t magic, if they are an illusion, are they a reliable measuring tool?

Do you have a magic number? And what control does it have over your current state of satisfaction?

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