Letting the river flow

“You know, they straightened out the Mississippi River in places, to make room for houses and livable acreage. Occasionally the river floods these places. “Floods” is the word they use, but in fact it is not flooding; it is remembering. Remembering where it used to be. All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was.”  ― Toni Morrison

I found this quote on the Wise Living blog of Tara Sophia Mohr.

She invites us to ask ourselves if there are “rivers” we have straightened in our lives. What have we “changed from its natural form to accommodate practical realities or other people’s agendas?”
If you have changed things in your life from their natural form, can you feel the yearning to return to a natural state? If so, maybe you can put a little bend back in the river before there is a “flood.”

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