Ripple effects of good deeds

When I do a good deed, I feel great.

I didn’t realize that watching another person do a good deed could make me feel just as good—maybe better.

This week, during a hasty trip to a shopping mall, I walked past a man carrying a woman’s purse. The man, dressed in full military uniform, sought out the mall security guards. He handed the purse to them and said, “Something to keep you busy.” The man had found the purse left behind in the food court and decided to do the right thing.

I empathized with the relief of the woman who would get her purse back, knowing she wouldn’t have to replace all her ID or call the credit card companies and banks.

I celebrated the good character of the members of our armed forces.

I rejoiced that good lives in our society.

I walked away smiling, feeling lighter. A good deed performed by someone else made me feel great.

Our good deeds really do ripple positively out into the world.

About Arlene Somerton Smith

Writer, laughing thinker, miner of inspirational insights, sports fan, and community volunteer

Posted on October 21, 2011, in Health, Inspiration. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Reminds me of the “Ripple Positively” painting in TUC’s Tait Hall … and I smiled in remembrance. These are the stories we can never tire of telling!

    • Yep. That painting was the inspiration for the wording I chose. When I look at that painting I think of the things I’ve done that rippled positively, and I ponder some of the things that might not have been so positive. It’s helpful to think of the effects of our actions.

  2. I stopped at a red light and there was a man holding a sign asking for money. I always keep a dollar bill in my sun visor mirror. I handed it to him. Then a car pulled up behind me and the woman handed the homeless man a dollar as well. As well as the car behind her. I smiled. I felt good witnesses that chain of events . Read about our random act of kindness weekend here:

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