Many hands make light work

Have you ever chosen not to do something because the prospect of it was just too daunting? Were you sure it was an impossible task? We often feel that way when we are alone without any visible forms of aid.

Perhaps the secret is asking for help. When people work together, they accomplish amazing things.

My aunt sent me a YouTube video last week, and it illustrated the point perfectly. Would I be able to lift a full-sized barn by myself? Certainly not. But enough people working together can.

What about other obstacles in our world that seem insurmountable? Would this approach work?

I could start to believe that we will never feed the hungry, house the homeless or educate the underprivileged. I could start to believe that those problems are just too big to move. When I am sitting by myself in my living room, I cannot see all the other people in the world who want to help but who feel as helpless as I do. What if I could see everyone who wanted to help me lift those burdens? What if I imagine all the people—hundreds of them, thousands of them, millions of them—wanting to bend down and lift a small part of the load all at the same time?

Suddenly it feels doable. Many hands make light work.

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