On Easy Street

We were on our way to our favourite bakery to pick up the best cream-filled doughnuts on the planet. On the way we encountered road construction and had to take a detour. We grumbled. The detour stood between us and our doughnuts, and we weren’t happy.

As we made our way down the side street, we noticed the sign on an upcoming cross street. My husband said, “Look. It’s Easy Street. I’ve got to turn down there.” My daughter said, “Awesome! Wouldn’t it be cool to live on Easy Street.” My son said, “You know, there are never any streets named Difficult Street, or Challenging Street.”

The personalities of my family so revealed in a few short sentences.

We turned  on to Easy Street, and immediately I felt wonderfully, irrationally great. “Oh yeah, we’re on Easy Street now, baby!” The whole family was laughing and smiling. The name had amazing power to really make our day.

But then I looked ahead. Further construction at the next intersection meant that we could only enjoy our ride on Easy Street for one block. Isn’t that the way? Just when you get on to Easy Street, you discover that it just doesn’t last.

From this I learned three things:

  • Sometimes a detour is more interesting than the planned route.
  • When you have the chance to turn on to Easy Street, take it.
  • Once you’re there enjoy the ride, because it might not last long.

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