For the pleasure of your eyes

My friend, Derek, is an Ikebana Master. He and his friends visited a local farm to harvest sunflowers for use in autumn arrangements. He took a picture of the sign posted on the property. The sign read:

“This field was planted for the pleasure of your eyes.”

Imagine. A farm field planted not for profit, but for the pure beauty of it.

How often do we allow ourselves the luxury of doing something for pure pleasure?

We have been spending time at our cottage.

It is the one place where I give myself permission to be lazy. When I am at home, I’m always checking things off the to-do list, always poking away at doing something. I rarely give myself the permission to just luxuriate. Too many things to do.

But at the cottage, I read, swim, sleep, relax, maybe play a little tennis. That’s it. Weeks of living for the pleasure of my eyes. I find it so easy to do that at the cottage, and so difficult to do at home.

Maybe a field of sunflowers can inspire me. Maybe I can find a way to live more for the pleasure of my eyes at other times of the year. Sometimes the best profit is beauty, not money.

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