Carve your name on hearts

“Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.” —Charles H. Spurgeon

I received an email from my daughter’s teacher last week, and I smiled when I saw that quote as part of his email signature. The quote says a lot about him and his view of his profession, I think. It shows a mindfulness about his work that reassures me, since my daughter spends time with him every day. I know when that teacher walks into his school, he is aware that he is carving his name on students’ hearts, so he’d better make it good.

It is possible that teachers affect our lives more than members of any other profession.

We spend our formative years with them, day in and day out. At their best, they inspire us to live up to our full potential and encourage us to discover unknown talents. And sometimes the teachers that are the most challenging to deal with in the classroom teach us very important lessons.

But teachers come in different packages.

The day after the quote arrived in my Inbox happened to be the day that we had planned for my mother-in-law’s interment. I thought of this quote as I stood by her graveside and read her name carved in marble. My thoughts were not on the size or extravagance of her monument but only on the many ways in which she had carved her name on the hearts of her family, friends, members of the Scouts troops she lead, Sunday school children she taught, and countless partners in her many athletic pursuits. Through her selfless giving and energetic involvement, she warms the hearts of so many people. That is a legacy unrivalled by any monument.

2 thoughts on “Carve your name on hearts

  1. poetrytoinspire

    Thanks for the reminder Arlene. After my dear father passed away I called one of his associates in Boston to let him know. He had already heard. “What a legacy of love he left.” was his comment to me. One cannot leave anything better.


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