Which decision releases the most love into the world?

In my Tuesday post I wrote about using that question as a guide to making the right decision. Little did I know that I would be pressed into relying on that advice so soon.

Yesterday an event in our lives took an unexpected turn for the worse. Looking back now, I can trace my emotional stages in response to the unfortunate situation: disbelief, confusion, defensive laying of blame, frustration, anger.

I ranted. I swore.

Eventually, we had to decide on how to proceed. We discussed the pros and cons and weighed the options. My first reaction was not compassionate. I wanted to do the practical thing and damn the repercussions.

Then someone reminded me of my Tuesday post (thanks Kerry), and we asked the question:

Which decision releases the most love into the world?

As we stood in a group and the question floated among us, the right decision became clear to all of us. We felt it settling into our souls. We nodded our heads in agreement.

How quickly it happened.

The journey to the right decision is not always pretty, and it often brings out the worst in ourselves. It can take place along a path of frustration, defensive laying of blame, and anger. Sometimes we need to travel to all the wrong places to get to the right one. And, importantly, it’s helpful to have friends around to remind us to ask the right questions to get us back on the right path.

2 thoughts on “Which decision releases the most love into the world?

  1. Joanne

    this piece of advice also helped me with a difficult decision this week. Thanks Arlene, for the insights, the friendship and love you give to all who know you.


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