Today I’m gonna try and change the world

I  watched the Juno Awards on Sunday night. One of the highlights of the evening, besides the amazing Shania Twain, was Johnny Reid’s performance of the song “Today I’m Gonna Try and Change the World.”

I’m no country music fan, but I fell in love immediately with the lyrics of the song and Reid’s throaty voice.

It wouldn’t hurt to start each day with this as a theme song, would it?

4 thoughts on “Today I’m gonna try and change the world

  1. mary

    I was never a fan of country music but last Sunday I was amazed by Jonny Reid’s ferformance and now I am a big fan trying to get the lyrics.Thanks Reid That was a bomb as in American Idol.I am not comparing you to those amateur just cannot find the right term.

  2. Brian

    Could not agree more. Heard Johnny Reid tell the story about writing this song on CBC some time ago. It has to do with what he says to his son each day when he sees him onto the school bus – something like “Off you go, son, and try to change the world!”


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