B.C. priest lands snowboarding PhD – CBC News

A friend forwarded to me the link below about an Anglican priest who earned his PhD in snowboarding as a spiritual experience.

I’m not a snowboarder, but I am a skier, and I know that out-of-body, transcendent “soul riding” feeling he describes – a spiritual feeling when I’m nowhere near a church.

I also had that feeling recently standing on a white sand beach in Florida watching dolphins dance just off  shore while waves of tropical gulf water splashed over my bare feet. I was standing in the Church of Ocean.

I’ve also had that feeling while holding a baby, watching a baseball game or walking in the woods.

Rev. Neil Elliot says, “The spirituality of snowboarding is looking at what does it mean to be spiritual in today’s world?”

If it means snowboarding, skiing, walking on the beach, holding babies or walking in the woods, who wouldn’t be interested?

B.C. priest lands snowboarding PhD – CBC News.

2 thoughts on “B.C. priest lands snowboarding PhD – CBC News

  1. Anthony

    I understand this strange feeling. I have experienced it while travelling alone in the middle of the Sahara and, most strongly, while sailing in a wild storm off the coast of Arctic Alaska.

    1. Arlene Post author

      From the dry and dusty Sahara to the wet and cold Arctic, that’s you! Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter the surroundings.


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