A little birdie told me

My schedule changed a few weeks ago, which means I have to walk my dog much earlier in the morning than usual. She and I have been out for a lonely trudge in the dark cold a little after 6:00 a.m.

The first week passed in a torturous blur. The second week I fared little better. Every morning I’d peek at the thermometer before I left, hoping for a -5, or – 3, or maybe even -8 degrees. But no, every morning, the thermometer taunted me with -16, or -14, or even -18. Sigh. Sasha had to put on her hated booties and then we headed out into the dark cold.

The third week I noticed something.


Birds were singing. As I made my way down the first block a cardinal called out. A cardinal friend responded. Smaller birds a little farther away twittered.

Oh, happy day.

My breath misted in the dark and my boots squeaked on the cold snow, but birds sang.

Spring is coming.

I know, because the little birdies told me.

2 thoughts on “A little birdie told me

  1. Jean Kay

    From the west coast

    Signs of spring are everywhere,
    though it’s windy and very cold.
    Snowdrops and Crocus are blooming,
    they look so brave and bold.

    Despite frost and sunless days
    they know it’s their time to grow.
    It always completely amazes me
    how seeds and bulbs just know.

    There are scientific explanations
    but the miracle of life is there,
    without which unseen power
    our gardens would all be bare.

    Make time within the next few weeks
    to not only look but to see
    all wonders of life around us,
    woven together so intricately.

    Vibrant colours of petals,
    of stamens and all that’s green,
    delicate, fragile and yet so strong,
    nature’s beautifully created spring scene

    Jean Kay
    Poems on request

    1. Arlene Post author

      Oh, you guys on the west coast – always getting the head start on spring. Lovely poem, Jean. I can’t wait for the crocuses.


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