Lightning rods on churches

On my Poems and Quotes page, you’ll find this wonderful poem by Sherrill C. Wark. It makes me smile.


When I was a kid
I always wondered,
questioned why
they needed lightning rods
on churches . . .

© Sherrill C. Wark 2007
from Mostly of Love & the Perils Thereof: The Sequel

I love it because in just a few words and with childlike innocence she deals with a heavy topic. Her poem points to the mistaken assumption by some people of faith that bad things will not happen to good people. They believe that if they are “good” Christians, Muslims . . . insert faith group here . . . God will be on their side.

Yet, churches need lightning rods, so maybe not so much?

The sinister flip side to that unspoken sentiment is the assumption by some people of faith that when something bad happens to someone, they had it coming. We heard that after Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 and any number of other disasters.

If churches need lightning rods, then maybe not so much?

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