Put a roof on poverty

Did you know that it costs less to provide housing for the homeless than it does to leave them on the street?

How does that work? I’m glad you asked. Individuals in managed housing programs stay healthy or heal faster, and that keeps them out of the hospital, and that saves money.

The Chief of Staff at the Ottawa Hospital, Dr. Jeffrey Turnbull, works with Ottawa Inner City Health Inc. The project oversees managed-alcohol programs, special care units for men and women, a hospice for dying patients, and a housing program for seniors or graduates of the managed alcohol program. Dr. Turnbull says that, if the individuals affiliated with these programs were not cared for, their visits to hospital emergency rooms would cost between $170,000 and $250,000 per year, per person.

Compassionate care for these people saves their dignity

And our health care dollars—$3.5 million annually.

A group of local churches wants to put a roof on poverty. On National Housing Day the group will kick off  their campaign to encourage governments at all levels to house and heal our homeless.

Join them at 1:00 p.m., Monday, November 22 at the Lisgar Street entrance at Ottawa City Hall for the campaign launch. For more information, visit: http://putaroofonpoverty.com/

2 thoughts on “Put a roof on poverty

  1. Chris

    This is one of the wisest initiatives I’ve heard of for years! One of the arguments that will doubtless be used to justify inaction is that the cost of housing has to be assumed by the municipality, whereas the health care monies saved are provincial. But our politicians are smart cookies; surely they can work that out.


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