First day


Most people make resolutions on New Year’s Day. To me, that always feels like the middle of things, rather than the beginning. For me, September is the time for fresh starts. When I was a student, the school year started in September, and when I was a television and video producer the new season started in September. Heading into the autumn bursting with new ideas and projects has been a life-long pattern for me. The cooler air revives me and limitless possibilities lie before me.

My children head off to school this morning ready to fulfill their goals for the year. It makes me ponder my own goals.

Sometimes goals or resolutions revolve around the material things in life: losing weight, getting fit, or finally cleaning out that messy basement. Being a writer I spend a lot of time with people who have “publishing a book” on their list of goals. But I recently read a quote by Maya Angelou in Letter to My Daughter that made me rethink goals. Upon attending the funeral of a dear friend she asked herself: “What legacy was left which can help me in the art of living a good life?”

She then wrote:

Did I learn to be kinder,

To be more patient,

And more generous,

More loving,

More ready to laugh,

And more easy to accept honest tears?

Heading into this new school year, this new season, consider those my new year’s resolutions.

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