I believe in dog

Last week I wrote a post with the word God in the title. The stats page with my blog software showed that fewer people than usual took time to read that post. Later in the week I wrote about my dog. Readership went through the roof, or should I say woof.

Clearly people are much more interested in Dog than God.

I understand this. What my dog is, really, is a packet of unconditional love. Who wouldn’t want to live every day with a packet of unconditional love? She adores me, no matter what. She doesn’t care about my few extra pounds, my messy desk, or that I hate dusting. It’s very good for my ego to have that unconditional adoration around.

When people click on a post about Dog, they anticipate a feel-good story. Interesting that some people don’t click on a post about God. I assume it’s because they don’t anticipate a feel-good story.

Maybe, just maybe, religion has a lesson to learn from Dog

Unconditional love receives more “Like” clicks than judgment.

2 thoughts on “I believe in dog

  1. andrea

    When I was in journalism school I was taught that news stories about dogs always get more feedback than stories about people. I’ve always found that interesting. Maybe it’s because dogs love us innocently, unconditionally, without reserve?

    1. Arlene Post author

      That could be it, Andrea. It is interesting how newspaper stories about animals in peril end up on the front page and can often run for days. Meanwhile, there are so many people in peril that readers just don’t want to know about. I’d always thought that it was because readers wonder if the people in trouble have done something to “bring it on themselves.” But maybe it has more to do with unconditional love.


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