A thin place story

When the universe sends you exactly what you need, why would you say no?

A friend shared this story after the loss of her mother.

The death was sudden and shocking. In an instant a massive heart attack took the life of her vibrant, active mother leaving a gaping hole in the world of an only child. Shaken, she fumbled her way through the funeral arrangements and the ceremonies. In the months that followed she worked to regain her equilibrium and to figure out how to move on from the grief and the loss.

One morning, she stood staring out of her upstairs bedroom window, watching the neighbour mow his lawn and the teen from down the street walk his dog.

Then she got that feeling.

An inexplicable urge led her to walk down her stairs. As she walked, she thought, “This is crazy.” An inexplicable compulsion told her to go to her dining room table. As she did she thought, “The dining room? What’s there?” When she arrived at the table, she found a stack of photographs. She watched her hands pick them up and start to leaf through the pictures, but it felt like the hands belonged to someone else. She had no idea what the hands were looking for. Finally the hands stopped when they reached a photograph taken the day of the funeral. 

At first, the woman couldn’t grasp what was special about the picture. It showed her standing with one of her cousins. Then, she said, “A warmth enveloped me, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I feeling of comfort and peace flooded through me.”

Watching over you

When she examined the picture more closely, trying to figure it out, she noticed a white glow hovering over her left shoulder. She would never have noticed it otherwise. She said, “Call me crazy, but I know that’s my mother. Before I saw that picture, I felt so alone. After that day, things got better.”

This is the kind of story that people tell me, saying, “Don’t use my name!” As with every thin place story, the fear of being seen as crazy, stupid, or naïve tags along for the ride. I tell it here so that, if you have ever experienced something like this, you’ll know you’re not alone.

After all, when the universe lets you know that you’re not alone, why would you say no?

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