Choosing hope

Lost Generation

A friend forwarded to me a link to a YouTube video. It was Lost Generation by Jonathan Reed, and when I watched it I thought, “I wish I’d written that.” The idea is simple but powerfully effective.

Some of the best writing turns ideas on their heads and hits an audience with the unexpected. This certainly did that, but Jonathan Reed wasn’t the first person to create a video using his technique. He was inspired by a video called The Truth by RECREAR.

This original video is inspired creation. There was nothing like it before, then a creator pulled the words, the idea, and the message from the universe. All of a sudden something unique existed where before there was nothing. Brilliant.

Oh, sigh . . .

After I watched this clever video, I looked along the side panel of the YouTube site. Sadly, there I found Lost Generation Sucks.

Watching the first two videos filled me with admiration and hope. Watching the third made me sigh with frustration and discouragement.

Choosing our reaction

When inspired work enters our consciousness, we each choose how to react. We respond positively, as Jonathan Reed did, or negatively. The potential for both exists within all of us. The power of choice rests in our own hands. I ask myself, then: do I want to spend my days filled with admiration and hope? Or frustration and discouragement?

Easy choice.

Keep paddling

Obviously, not everyone makes the same choice. Working to make the world a little more positive often means paddling against a current of negativity.  The current sometimes feels pretty strong, and some days it feels like we’re making no headway. For every good deed, there is someone to tell you that you are a Pollyanna who is wasting her time.

I comfort myself with the knowledge that more than 14 million people have watched the original Lost Generation video—a number that eclipses that of its negative counterpart.

I’ll keep my oar in the water and keep paddling. Maybe I’ll even try to find a speed boat or two.

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